Program Objectives

The main goals of the University of Toronto track and field program are to:

  • Encourage youngsters to aspire to personal excellence through participation in track and field. Through activity in sport, they can learn and develop commitment and dedication, skills which can transfer over to other aspects of their lives.
  • Promote community links by fostering a healthy partnership between the Toronto District School Boards, City of Toronto community centers, Toronto community housing and the University of Toronto
  • Improve skill development for all sports.  Running, jumping, throwing, kicking striking, and catching are the foundation of all land base physical activities.
  • Increase the athlete and coach base in the University of Toronto varsity track and field program
  • Athletics Ontario  –  membership increase, track and field development for Canada Games.


We believe all student-athletes can achieve their personal best. We provide excellence in coaching and the necessary support systems.  We will work with each student-athlete closely so they can reach their highest potential.  We enable each student-athlete to participate in provincial, national, and international competitions. Our program is closely integrated with the school system; education is a priority.  We provide for joint excellence in academics and athletics. Academic growth can facilitate long-term career opportunities.


High Personal Standards     
We insist the student-athlete set high personal standards for personal values and performance. Measurement of personal development can only be achieved when each individual sets goals. Performance must be pursued in a manner that is socially responsible and commands respect for its integrity. Attainment of excellence is an evolutionary process achieved over a period of years. We provide a dynamic, challenging environment which encourages respect for a close association with peers, coaches, family and friends

Program Registration

All athletes will enrol in the Junior Development Track and Field Programs (Middle Distance/Cross Country or Sprints/Jumps/Hurdles). These programs are offered 2-3 times per week at the University of Toronto Athletic Centre, Varsity Centre and Rosehill Reservoir for the Cross Country.

To register, please refer to the chart below, find the specific barcode and then click here.

For first-time athletes who need information on event placement, please go to: Junior Development Inquiry form.

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